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a little bit about me...

I‘ve worked as a professional computer animator since 1998. From then up to the present day I have been working with a variety of software such as CelAction 2D, Autodesk Maya, Photoshop as well as recently beginning to learn the 3D software, Blender.

Clients have included ITV, Astley Baker Davies, Channel 5's Milkshake, Cbeebies, Cartoon Network, Tiger Aspect, Baby Cow as well as the BBC.

I have also been involved in instructing studios and animators with short courses, in-house, in both London and Ireland, using CelAction 2D.

When I am not sat at my PC animating, I can be found out and about with my camera pursuing my photography hobby, or learning new things like Blender to help feed my artistic curiosity.

I currently work and live as a Remote Computer Animator based on the Isle of Wight in England, where I was born. It's a joy living here doing a job that I love, knowing that, hopefully, some of the work I do, puts a smile on the faces of those watching it.

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